Case Studies for the Urban Forest

The Urban and Community Forestry Society’s Case Studies began as a roundtable format, suggested originally by Dr. Nina Bassuk, intended to share advice and anecdotes from professionals across the industry. Browse the topics below. While some are from several years ago, we bet you’re still dealing with some of these issues today! Reach out to us on our contact page if you’d like to offer an idea for a new case study.

Urban Wood Roundtable USFS
Retired from the Municipality
Where Urban Forests, Stormwater, and Watersheds Meet
Managing Natural Areas in the Urban Forest
Palms in the Urban Forest
Pyrus, We Have a Problem
Conifers in the Urban Forest
Adventures with Slopes
Flooding and Tree Damage
Bees: May/June 2015
Bioswales: May/June 2011
Building Bridges Between LAs and Mas: July/Aug 2005
Building Bridges with City Depts, Part I: May/June 2007
Building Bridges with City Depts, Part II Sept/Oct 2007
Cemeteries: Nov/Dec 2010
Climate Change: Nov/Dec 2014
Consulting: Sept/Oct 2006
Contract Growing Partnerships: March/April 2006
Drought: May/June 2012
EAB Lessons Learned: March/April 2011
Fall Planting: Sept/Oct 2014
Gas Lines and Trees: Sept/Oct 2005
Historic Trees: May/June 2009
Invasives: March/April 2012
Large Tree Relocation: Sept/Oct 2011
Medians: July/Aug 2010
Memorial Trees: March/April 2008
Pruning Cycles: July/Aug 2009
Sewer Lines: Jan/Feb 2006
Social Networking: March/April 2010
Teaching: May/June 2013
Tree Boards: Sept/Oct 2010
Tree Lights: Sept/Oct 2006
Urban Forestry's Location in City Departments: Sept/Oct 2008
Urban Fruit Trees: Nov/Dec 2009
Urban Wood: Nov/Dec 2007
Zoos: May/June 2014