Urban Forestry Foundation

Dedicated to empowering and educating municipal arboriculturists and communities through research programs and training initiatives, the UFF is here to make sure we’re all on the same page when it comes to the value of trees and developments in the industry.

UCFS Mentoring Program

We’re fostering growth in more than just trees. Our mentoring program provides mutual benefits to mentors and mentees, providing opportunities to learn and grow from each other.

Municipal Forestry Institute

An exciting week of high-level training, inspiration, leadership growth, and community building, the MFI is a unique opportunity for urban forestry professionals to learn and network with fellow foresters.


When it comes to standards in urban and community forestry programs, UCFS Accreditation sets the bar. Join the best tree programs around the world and get accredited today!

Arborist Exchange

Exchange experience, ideas, and technology with urban forestry professionals from around the world!